New Topo – Escalade En Drome Provencale

August 30th, 2011 by admin

With the debate regarding the production of guidebooks by foreign companies set to rumble on, Climbapedia’s Ollie Ryall takes a look at the latest guidebook produced by the FFME for the area around his home in SE France.


The area surrounding Buis Les Baronnies in SE France has been crying out for a modern, up to date and comprehensive guidebook and thankfully the wait is over!

Escalade En Drome Provencale

Escalade En Drome Provencale

This popular area has some of France’s finest crags and gives a huge amount of climbing of all grades and styles. The quality climbing, coupled with the great weather and fantastic scenery make it an ideal holiday destination so a good guidebook is essential.

Published by the FFME, Escalade En Drome Provencale covers 13 crags, 6 of which have never featured in a proper guidebook, with information up to now being passed from climber to climber on photocopied sheets of paper.

French guidebook writers have really risen to the challenge from foreign guidebook producers and have finally started to create guidebooks worthy of the areas and crags they cover as well as doing justice to the work put in by the equippers.

Escalade En Drome Provencale is a fantastic guidebook with a huge amount of information presented in a clear and easy to use format with photo topos for each crag.

Colour coding and symbols are used throughout the book to give essential information for each crag / route in an easy to understand and quick to use way.

Essential text (access, crag info, parking) has been translated into English, which will make it more appealing to visiting climbers (from the UK at least).

The book is well put together (should withstand some heavy use) and has a very good selection of pictures (both action and scenery) and thankfully no hand drawn cartoons!

Clear and easy to use photo topos.

Clear and easy to use photo topos.

Crags included:

Rocher Des Aures, / St Ferreol Trente Pas / Bellecombe / Bodon  / Baume Noir / Baume Rousse / Lou Passo / Ubrieux / L’Aiguille de Buis/ Rocher de Saint Julien / La Clue de Plaisans / Mevouillon / Pelleret.

Where to buy it:

The topo costs 28 euros and is available locally in the Tourist Information Office,  Shopi Supermarket and at some of the campsites. Alternatively you can get it on-line here.

Pleine Lune (6a) - Baume Rousse.

Pleine Lune (6a) - Baume Rousse.

Whats Good:

Huge amount of information for each crag with easy to understand symbols.

Excellent photo topos for the crags clearly showing the line of each route.

Colour coding and symbols to provide essential route information.

Clear and easy to follow maps and access info to help find the crags.

English translations where needed (parking, access and general crag information).

Well put together and should last a long time.

Good quality pictures throughout.

Whats not!

Cant fault it!

August 30th, 2011 by admin